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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Typing lessons

I am at Pastor Mike's house. He is boarding with Auntie Fafa ( Jen) and Uncle Harry in their house. It's been transformed into a boarding house over the years. Leah also lives here. Pastor Mike and Mrs. Polly are guests. Here is an example of to many people in one house. Leah, Uncle Harry, Auntie Fafa, Sheesha, Kaylyn, Mrs. Polly, and Pastor Mike. And Curly, there cat. She's a good cat, but my sister's allergic to her. She's allergic to long haired cats, witch is Curly. I am not a cat policemen, I've just noticed. I am writing this on Uncle Harry's computer, not the laptop which i usually write on at Pastor Mike's boarding house. I had chicken nuggets for dinner. I also had french fries. YUM. Well, I gotta go.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

With a pie in the room, I kinda loose myself

Hello. Today's topic is pie. Pie is a wonderful example of how sugar is good for you. Blueberry pie, cherry pie,strawberry pie, there are a lot of nutritious pies. I wonder what the world would be like if we didn't have pie. Horrible if you ask me! No pie? The horror! The world would just not be the same with on pie. I would have no goal in life with out pie. I like pie, as you may have noticed. Pie is like a, um, round yummy thing that you fill with fruit? No, that wouldn't work. Let's just imagine that we never tried to find what it's like, o.k.? Alright. I like pie. If anyone has a pie they would like to share, please do tell. I would love to hear about pie from anyone. Well, that about wraps it up.

See ya!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I like making short films

Hello. I have found a new hobby. Making short films of the hilariously funny Cassidy Bear. It was the grateful dead bear my parents bought for me before I was even born. She is funny, cute, smart, and has very unusual tastes. She likes ketchup, potatoes, pie, corn, and syrup. Her favorite activities are listening to music, playing dress-up, and coloring pictures of eggplants, tornadoes, and sushi. Her best friend is an Ami doll from a Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi doll set my grandma gave us. I video tape her best moments, put them on the computer, and my dad put them on a DVD. She is the funniest bear in the world. Well, gotta go. My sister's watching Tarzan on the TV.



Sunday, October 26, 2008

The special next five or so weeks

O.k., today was 1 out of 4 special events to come in the next 4 weeks. 4 in 4. Today was my church harvest fest. It was really fun. Pastor Mike, your last comment I did not understand. And these blogs are going to start taking a pole. For every blog anyone reads, I want them to leave a comment with the score of how totally awesome it is. on a scale of 1 to 10 tell me if I'm doing what I should. My main purpose in blogging ( other then getting comments ) is bringing joy to the few readers I have. Everyone please recommend this blog to family and friends. Also, to the person who has commented some of my blogs that doesn't have an account, on your next comment could you tell me who you are. I want to know if you are my grandmother who reads this, or a person who I've never met before. If your my grandmother,though, I am glad to see you finally commenting. I think it's almost time for me to take a shower. But don't worry, it might not be. I am happy that someone reads my blog. O.k., back to the events thing. Next Friday is HALLOWEEN! I get to go see HSM3 in a theater. It's gonna be so cool! After that this will no longer be a nine year old's blog. It will be a TEN year old's blog. That's right, my birthday is coming up! YAY! After that, to top it off, thanksgiving. I can't wait! These next few weeks are gonna be so fun I can't wait. Wow, this might be one of my longest posts yet. It's longer then quite a few of them. But most of my posts are short if you don't like to read long things like me. I love long books and poems and blogs to read. Well, gotta go. Making this blog a shorter one for those short readers.

See ya ( Hey, I didn't say yours truly)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weird people are always right ( most of the time)

Yes, by "weird" i mean me. Even though nobodies perfect, I come pretty close. O.k., maybe in the middle. O.k., you got me. I'm never right. So if you are someone like Leah who does not favor me, you can enjoy commenting and giving me a wise crack like " You have a point. You are never right." And i have been stumped. I have no idea what pastor Mike's gonna say. You got me .( again in this post) Jeez, stop getting me people. There's not gonna be any of me left! Well, on the other side, tomorrow's the big harvest fest at my church. It will be held at the south bridge common. I know, I said it's at my church before. This just goes to show that I was right, I'm never right. Wait, if I was right right then, I am not always not right. So, forget about this entire post then.

Yours gotta-stop-saying-yours-truly truly,


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why doesn't squidward wear pants?

Why doesn't he? I think he should more often. He (if anything) should just wear a shirt. But I think he should wear both. It's just wrong. Sponge bob should be rated TV10. Nudity is inappropriate.Hi, I love the show,but I still think he should wear pants. Well, off of nudity and on to pajamas. I am being babysat by Miss Polly, the only person from my church who does not have a blog. In my bag of stuff, I have pajamas that say " Beware of the babysitter." and have a babysitter walking saying " Come my children. Your baths await you." I wear them when she babysits. Well, I want my computer time. Bye for now!
Yours loves computer truly,


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everyone from my church has a blog

I'm not kidding. My sister has a blog, my mom has a blog, my dad has a blog, Leah has a blog, pastor Mike has a blog, Miss Jane has a blog, I could go on for hours!And, lets not forget that I have a blog! Or else what would you be reading? That is a question I would like you to answer. And as for answers, thank you pastor Mike for that definition of how dictionary got their name. My dad got the pellet stove running, so Miss Polly, rest assured. My house is warm again. YEAH! That is re-assuring at the least. Hey, I just realized something. Miss Polly doesn't have a blog! Miss Polly, start a blog so I can be right for a change! Thank you! O.k., moving on.Everyone will thank me for posting this in the future! ( I hope ) O.k., why did I write that? I don't think anyone will ever thank me for writing this blog! O.k., I'll see you later.

Yours pretty-weird truly,


Monday, October 20, 2008

Something I thought I'd never say

Pastor Mike is awesome! See, I told you I'd never thought I'd say that. I can't believe you are reading. So, in the future, I will ( never thought I'd say this but.....) try to read yours. There! Got that over with. O.k. Good to have that off my chest. Let's pretend I never posted that, shall we? Alrighty! Forgetting..........NOW! What were we talking about again? Oh, yeah. How dictionaries get their name. Does anyone know that? Leave a comment with the answer if you know. And no, that's not just a scam to make you leave comments. O.k., maybe it is, but still. I don't know how they get their name. Well, that's enough crazy for today.

Yours saying-things-she'd-never-thought-she'd-say truly,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I wish for you all to leave more comments

PLEASE! I write on this blog almost every day of my life, and what do I get from typing so much? Achy fingers and a lot of hand cramps. I really don't think anyone's reading this blog. I'm not kidding.If you read this blog I will know this, someone other than my family cares about what I have to say. And if you don't think that's important, do what you want to do. Leave this blog. Go read a different one. I don't care. It's just that I am writing all this stuff, and if no one cares, than why do I even bother. PLEASE post a comment! I gotta go.

Your's not commented often truly,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make a home made pie and put cream in the middle of that pie and bake for 45 minuts let cool

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.Hi. I think you might be a bit overwhelmed by the incredibly long title, but the blog might not be to long. So excuse the shortage in blogger use space. Well, I did not make a pie, however, I made home made bread with my mom and sister. It is yummy. It's funny how you think of something sometimes and you have no where to put it down.that's why I have a blog spot here at blogger.com. Newest thoughts come into my head, and I can blog them as soon as I feel like it. And no, I'm not in advertising for blog spot, I just don't have much to say. O.k., this is what i mean. See ya later!

Yours hopeful and happy truly,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I don't want no joe shmoe running my country!

That's right! Barack Obama is just so weird! I don't think he has the answers to all of my problems, but everyone Else seems to think so. I don't want no McCain running it either. I want someone who knows what he's doing and spends money well. Not like W. Bush. He doesn't even know how to pull us through this minor depression. I want someone who knows what the heck their doing out there at the white house. I know someones got to run it, but I want someone who can help Americans with financial problems and thing we want, like gas prices going down, and yummier food But that's just my opinion. Whoever you vote for, though, make sure HE'S not some Joe Shmoe.

Yours not-able-to-vote-because-she's-only-a-kid truly,


Monday, October 13, 2008

Video games ROCK!

Hi. I like video games. You knew that? Oh, you read the title. Well, let's see, Toontown, guitar hero, D.D.R., PAC-man, X-box 360, p.s.2, Game boy, Nintendo d.s., and a TON more. I don't have all of those, but I've played them all, quite frequently.O.k., maybe not frequently, but I have played them all at leased once or twice. I like them all a lot. It's just if it's a game like toontown, I have a time limit of 25 minutes a day. But that's my plug time, so don't worry, your not keeping me away from anything.I can't have my plug time as early as this, so I still have a while to go. My sister is watching a movie, barbie as the swan princess. It's one of her barbie collection master pieces.She must have every barbie movie on the earth! And that's the darn truth! I am not one for barbie, but my sister is! And I'm not kidding! Well, gotta go. My dad has puffs in the oven and I want the first one.

Yours absolutely truly,


Sunday, October 12, 2008

If you like cake, raise your hand

That's right, cake. Yummy, tasty, frosting cake. Have a happy day with Delicious cakie! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! CAKIE CAKIE CAKIE! GOGGLES GOGGLES GOGGLES! Let us party till we are captured by the party police. When we are, I'll free you all. Don't worry about a thing. And don't even think about saying that the patriots won't win, you will be permanently banished from this blog. Go read the ramblings of a worship leader or something. Well, before you are banished, I ask one thing of you. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! O.k., you can go away now. What? You think I was gonna stop you are something? I do not have that kind of power, crazy person. Everyone go to Bernie's furniture now. It's a happy new year Regalia! Enjoy! Well, I must depart from this faltered blog spot. In other words,I gotta go.

Yours out-of-her-mind truly,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shoutout time!

I want to give a big shout out to Elizabeth (my friend) that if you are coming to movie night, wear pajamas and bring a stuffie. Also, it would be helpful if you brought a pillow.So, that's just if. If not, If your name is Cassy and you know my sister, We are picking you up around six. Everybody say it now: GO WILDCATS! High school musical is showing at my church, and it is open to the public. So if you wanna, come on down. There will be plenty of popcorn. WHOOP WHOOP! I have no idea why I wrote that last sentence. Well, guess what? Today on toontown, I defeated a level 3 cog building. It was really cool. Halloween doth approcheth!We are full of splendor! All my family, except maybe my dad and mom, can't wait until we go see a movie in our Halloween costumes. It's gonna be fun.Bye for now!

Yours going off truly,

Friday, October 10, 2008

I am a human being, i think

I have not a lot to talk about, so excuse me if my blog is a little short. I just wanted to share some interesting things with everyone. A ton of people in this world are living for nothing.I don't want to sound mean, but it's true. A whole ton of people don't believe in the thing more important than life itself.There's probably something missing from your life too. It's very simple. A lot of people don't have GOD. Without God, YOU wouldn't even be here. There is a lot of stuff on this world, money, cars,food, computer, TV, that sometimes we just like it a little to much. It's perfectly normal that someone would talk a lot about a new car, or got more channels on TV, but if that''s all you talk about, a lot of things are left behind. Talk about God a lot. He's really worth talking about!

Yours perfectly truly,


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Movies, candy, cosumes, and a lot of other stuff

Well, it is fun to celebrate holidays, isn't it? I think it is.One holiday is comeing up very soon.

HALLOWEEN! Everyone likes dressing up, going trick-or-treating, followed by a party somewhere. Well, that's Halloween for me every year. So this year me and my family wanted to try something a little different.There's a great new movie coming out called 'HSM3'. I really wanted to see it. So, instead of party's and trick-or-treats, we are going to go to the theater, watch the movie on the big screen, and get candy. The fun part is, we are gonna wear our costumes to the movie! I think it will be really fun. So, Fred is doing just fine. We re-modeled snailyland. Now he is in Leah's old fish tank. I think he likes it better with more room. After all, he was in an old pickle jar. I have something to delight you all. About a few weeks ago, my dear old dog, Rocky, vomited. Isn't that lovely? Well, if you like that, here's something else wonderful. The other night, my cat killed another mouse in out garage. It was a pretty sight, guts everywhere, blood spilled on the welcome mat. Nice gift, it was. I think Chester is indeed pleased. It's like giving someone something they've always wanted. Except for we never wanted a dear mouse in the garage. So forget the whole thing. There is no more interest there, so let's stop talking about it. Forget it. Well, time for me to hop off the computer. I will see you all next time. Bye!

Your going-to-see-a-movie truly,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Fred Hamilton, me and my sisters new pet snail,is the best snail EVER! He is very speedy, eats lettuce, and finds his shell quite comfortable. Snailyland, however, is not an amusement park for snails. It is the jar he lives in. In there is lettuce,dirt and mud, a daisy from my front yard,and Fred. WHEE SNAILS! They are tiny. They are not as slow as you may or may not think. The people on T.V. only WANT you to think that they barely move. They are actually very speedy. They also do not live in clean,pleasant, empty Fields. They live in rivers, lakes,and streams. When you see an empty shell anywhere, anytime at all, pick it up. You may have found your very first snail buddy.

Yours trulys,
Fred and Cassidy