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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I don't want no joe shmoe running my country!

That's right! Barack Obama is just so weird! I don't think he has the answers to all of my problems, but everyone Else seems to think so. I don't want no McCain running it either. I want someone who knows what he's doing and spends money well. Not like W. Bush. He doesn't even know how to pull us through this minor depression. I want someone who knows what the heck their doing out there at the white house. I know someones got to run it, but I want someone who can help Americans with financial problems and thing we want, like gas prices going down, and yummier food But that's just my opinion. Whoever you vote for, though, make sure HE'S not some Joe Shmoe.

Yours not-able-to-vote-because-she's-only-a-kid truly,


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BostonBrown said...

i completely agree. well said.

pastor mike