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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everyone from my church has a blog

I'm not kidding. My sister has a blog, my mom has a blog, my dad has a blog, Leah has a blog, pastor Mike has a blog, Miss Jane has a blog, I could go on for hours!And, lets not forget that I have a blog! Or else what would you be reading? That is a question I would like you to answer. And as for answers, thank you pastor Mike for that definition of how dictionary got their name. My dad got the pellet stove running, so Miss Polly, rest assured. My house is warm again. YEAH! That is re-assuring at the least. Hey, I just realized something. Miss Polly doesn't have a blog! Miss Polly, start a blog so I can be right for a change! Thank you! O.k., moving on.Everyone will thank me for posting this in the future! ( I hope ) O.k., why did I write that? I don't think anyone will ever thank me for writing this blog! O.k., I'll see you later.

Yours pretty-weird truly,



BostonBrown said...

Thank you for writing this blog.

Tell Miss Polly tomorrow when you see her that she should have a blog.

Pastor Mike

Anonymous said...

i just read yours and your dads.