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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Movies, candy, cosumes, and a lot of other stuff

Well, it is fun to celebrate holidays, isn't it? I think it is.One holiday is comeing up very soon.

HALLOWEEN! Everyone likes dressing up, going trick-or-treating, followed by a party somewhere. Well, that's Halloween for me every year. So this year me and my family wanted to try something a little different.There's a great new movie coming out called 'HSM3'. I really wanted to see it. So, instead of party's and trick-or-treats, we are going to go to the theater, watch the movie on the big screen, and get candy. The fun part is, we are gonna wear our costumes to the movie! I think it will be really fun. So, Fred is doing just fine. We re-modeled snailyland. Now he is in Leah's old fish tank. I think he likes it better with more room. After all, he was in an old pickle jar. I have something to delight you all. About a few weeks ago, my dear old dog, Rocky, vomited. Isn't that lovely? Well, if you like that, here's something else wonderful. The other night, my cat killed another mouse in out garage. It was a pretty sight, guts everywhere, blood spilled on the welcome mat. Nice gift, it was. I think Chester is indeed pleased. It's like giving someone something they've always wanted. Except for we never wanted a dear mouse in the garage. So forget the whole thing. There is no more interest there, so let's stop talking about it. Forget it. Well, time for me to hop off the computer. I will see you all next time. Bye!

Your going-to-see-a-movie truly,


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