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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weird people are always right ( most of the time)

Yes, by "weird" i mean me. Even though nobodies perfect, I come pretty close. O.k., maybe in the middle. O.k., you got me. I'm never right. So if you are someone like Leah who does not favor me, you can enjoy commenting and giving me a wise crack like " You have a point. You are never right." And i have been stumped. I have no idea what pastor Mike's gonna say. You got me .( again in this post) Jeez, stop getting me people. There's not gonna be any of me left! Well, on the other side, tomorrow's the big harvest fest at my church. It will be held at the south bridge common. I know, I said it's at my church before. This just goes to show that I was right, I'm never right. Wait, if I was right right then, I am not always not right. So, forget about this entire post then.

Yours gotta-stop-saying-yours-truly truly,


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BostonBrown said...

Well, you it is impossible now for you to never be right. Let me explain why:

Let's assume that up until the point that you made that comment (about never being right) it was true. You had never been right. If that was true at the point of your writing it, then you were right to say that you are never right, except that comment itself makes it wrong because you are now right about being wrong.

Hope that made sense to you. It did to me.

Pastor Mike