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Monday, October 13, 2008

Video games ROCK!

Hi. I like video games. You knew that? Oh, you read the title. Well, let's see, Toontown, guitar hero, D.D.R., PAC-man, X-box 360, p.s.2, Game boy, Nintendo d.s., and a TON more. I don't have all of those, but I've played them all, quite frequently.O.k., maybe not frequently, but I have played them all at leased once or twice. I like them all a lot. It's just if it's a game like toontown, I have a time limit of 25 minutes a day. But that's my plug time, so don't worry, your not keeping me away from anything.I can't have my plug time as early as this, so I still have a while to go. My sister is watching a movie, barbie as the swan princess. It's one of her barbie collection master pieces.She must have every barbie movie on the earth! And that's the darn truth! I am not one for barbie, but my sister is! And I'm not kidding! Well, gotta go. My dad has puffs in the oven and I want the first one.

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