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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Fred Hamilton, me and my sisters new pet snail,is the best snail EVER! He is very speedy, eats lettuce, and finds his shell quite comfortable. Snailyland, however, is not an amusement park for snails. It is the jar he lives in. In there is lettuce,dirt and mud, a daisy from my front yard,and Fred. WHEE SNAILS! They are tiny. They are not as slow as you may or may not think. The people on T.V. only WANT you to think that they barely move. They are actually very speedy. They also do not live in clean,pleasant, empty Fields. They live in rivers, lakes,and streams. When you see an empty shell anywhere, anytime at all, pick it up. You may have found your very first snail buddy.

Yours trulys,
Fred and Cassidy


Tony said...


i love you cassidy!

essayontime writers said...

I have heard about this snailyland and I would like to visit this place once. After reading this post, I want to take my kids there. I hope they really like this place.