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Saturday, September 27, 2008


HOORAY! YIPPEE! WOW! REALLY COOL! I can't believe it! My mom just let me and my sister subscribe to one of the coolest, best,most great computer games ever!That cool game is: Disney's toontown online! Are you all screeching with joy for me?! I can do anything in the tooniverce! From going in a real race, to cog HQ's, there is NOTHING Princess Trixy,Cool Lily,Daphne,fire works,Little Trixy,and Courage can't do.They are unstoppable,unbeatable, and trust me,their toon enough! Now I can't wait for tomorrow to come, so I can play on them! So cool, so cool! My sister is totally sicked to ! We are still jumping with joy in out hearts! Every toon out there, be prepared! We are unstoppable! WHEE! I just can't wait! Tomorrow, tomorrow , i

love ya tomorrow! It's only a day away! I can't belive this is happng to me ! It's crazy! Gotta go!

Your crazed-about-toontown truly,


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