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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seven things I am NOT good at

Here are seven things I am not good at: Being normal,saying the alphabet backwards,balancing a knife on my nose for 15 seconds,Being quiet,acting like a moose,counting to infinity,and global warming.Here are things I am good at: Wearing pants,playing basketball,counting to ten,adopting webkinz,talking,daydreaming,coloring,blogging,and (trying to)keeping my room clean.Can't you see that there are more things that i can do then i can't.That's because I am talented.O.k., no one can balance a knife on their nose or count to infinity, but i can do a lot of stuff. And so can you! God gave us talents, so for crien' out loud,use 'em! Don't keep your talents away from god, he wants to see them as well as the rest of the world.Share your talents with god! I'm sure he'll love them!

Yours very talented truly,



Anonymous said...

this post is great. I can't balance a knife on my nose either..but I am too scared to try.

7 things I can't do.
1) go a day without laughing.
2) go a day without listening to music
3) say "I don't want bacon"
4) eat only one donut
5) i can't fly
6) i can't stop daydreaming
7) I can't put my hands in ice water for more than 3 minutes.

great post..
your dads work buddy, todd

Tony said...

hey cass, love the post...

ok, 7 things I can't do
1. go more then 4 hours without being hungry
2. dive head first into a pool
3. go a day without listening to music
4. i can't swim the backstroke faster then you.
5. i can't stop eating Reeses Puffs once i start.
6. I can't play guitar like Tony Rice
7. I can't stop thinking how lucky i am to be your dad!

be good kiddo!

BostonBrown said...

i'm also good at talking.

pastor mike.