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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get creative

In about two weeks is the co-op academic fair. I've always wanted to go somewhere else, because I'm bored of America and all this financial junk, so I did my project on the Bahamas! Ah, the glorious beaches of Bahama land. The palm trees, the pure white sand, the pleasant cannibal sharks that attack people, the nice hot weather, the wonderful souvenir shops for those who have money, ah! That's the life for me. I ripped apart some of me and my sister's old Polly dolls to make shark-attacked pedestrians. (That's a very long word. It means near-by people. Got it from my dictionary.) Me and my dad did a shadow box made out of a mandolin case. We used salt for sand, blue paint for water, cardboard for palm trees and a shark, toothpicks and foam for cacti, and Polly dolls for Polly dolls. I even made a paper beach towel for my Polly doll bystander. (That's another big word. Aren't these awesome?!) So it's a very cool project. Whoops, gotta go!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This endless pain!!!

My family and I have been sick for days now! About the day after last post my sister got the cold, so I was helping out. I was busy, and I felt guilty not posting. So I thought up some ideas for posts which will appear in the future blogs. Got a full mind now. OK, so about a day after that my mom got sick too. Oh no! My mom has asthma, so if she gets sick, it's even more awful. The day after I felt all sick and my dad did too. I slept in late on Sunday and my sister didn't feel well enough to go to church, so that's why the absence. Yesterday was Monday and I spent it watching that amazing sitcom family, The Brady Bunch TM. I spent the whole day mocking Greg's goofy sweaters, Mr. Brady's fro, Cindy's short dresses, and wonderful 70's language. It was groovy. It was far out, neat-o, swell, keen, and very nifty. Now it's Tuesday and it's the day of the dreaded co-op class-change-sign-up-sheet-in-the-big-middle-part-of-the-hallway-where-mom-puts-my-name-down-on-blue-ink-lined-paper-day. I-don't-think-I-can-stop-with-this-darn-line! OK, I'm good. I'm taking writing (YES!YES!YES!YES!) AND MY MOM'S CLASS. OOPS, FORGOT TO TURN THE CAPS LOCK OFF. HOLD On, I tHiNk i GoT iT. Hold it! I have more news! Today at co-op was the big ice-cream bash! I had a huge Sunday with gummy bears, sprinkles, hot fudge, chocolate syrup, and more. Whoops, gotta go. Save, save button!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

When toilets attack! The untold story!

Welcome. I am Cassidy BLEEEEP,newscaster here at world of Cassidy headquarters, bringing you a fantastic story to be aware of. I have news of terrible notice to you all. Toilets have started taking over the world! Beware, citizens, and protect yourselfs! Make haste and be at front of the line!(Of saftey) Here are steps you can take to avoid being attacked,eaten,or possibly egged by teenagers. Step #1: Call your local toilet protection quarters (TPQ) . They know what to do in this situation. Step #2: Stop using your bathroom sink.It has connection with the toilet and may eat you. Beware! Step #3: Run to your nearest shoestore and ask them to make you a cheeseburger. (We aren't sure how this will help you, but it's fun!) When the TPQ arrive, they will fully de-evilitize the restroom utility. I hope this post has been of use to you.

This is Cassidy BLEEEEP,reporting for world of Cassidy news!