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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's fun!

It is friday, meaning I'm at camp. See you extremely soon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It is thursday

I am hereby at camp! Check back soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, I already named a post that!

Guess what? Goin' camping again. But this time it's not all girls. You see, my mom had this idea to have some people from church go camping with us. We leave tomorow. I'm gonna give you guys some posts while I'm gone, and a revew when I get back. Forwarded posts, of course. And here's the thing, Rocky can't come camping with us! Oh, my! Isn't that tradgic? Oh, that's something to debate. He would lick everyone there. And isn't it really coincidental that I just got home from camp a while ago and now we're off again? Huh, weird. Oh, and in case you fellows havent noticed, I'm a goober. Just wanted to clarify that one. Well, I hope everyone with a blog is up and posting. I can't comment if you don't post! See ya! Oh, and one more thing: I enjoy almonds. I do! How funny is that? Because I am allergic to almonds. Isn't that real sad? Yes, I think it is. Now I'm just trying to make that post longer. I actually have a ton of posts now. Now you must all know that I do enjoy blogging. Well, bye!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today was great! Today in kid's church we colored paper coloring sheets for church. And after that, and watching a little Saved By The Bell, my dad asked me if I wanted to take a little bike ride. I said yes, for I love to bike. We started off through my neighborhood (the huge city of wales) and when we got to the end of my street (perhaps the only street) we took a left. We started off down a road near the lake. It was a tad uphill. After we walked our bikes a ways, we noticed that we had lost the road. It was a rocky dirt road now, and we were deep into the forest. We biked and walked a long ways, when my dad decides to announce, "I have no idea where we are!" Well, it kept getting uphill and more rocky. Finally, I saw a sign that meant we were in the midst of civilisation ! That sign? A telephone pole. We biked a looooooooonnnnnnggggg way until the pavement was back, but only for a minute. We passed a little pond. And then, my dad sees a sign! We were then in Stafford CT! Well, we biked for a long while until we saw a house. Pavement was there in a little while. We passed a small stream. We even passed a baby snap turtle. It was indescribably cute! Well, after a very long time of paved roads we passed a sign. It read, 'PAVEMENT ENDS'. Where? In a mile? They were a little mistimed there. Well, we were well and truly lost. Not to mention tired, hot, sweaty, and thirsty! Well, after a long time, we passed into Wales again. After a long time, we got home to some cool-aid and Annie on the VCR. I am now completely exhausted, but it was awesomeness!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have returned and I am posting!

Sorry this one's a little overdue.

Welcome to camp Green Eyre! Where everyone is hilarious and make you laugh so hard you choke on your hamburger! Let's step over to the mess hall, where Midget, the caff. lady, serves greasy food and tons of laughs. Now let's go to the waterfront, where belly flops are not allowed but they let you go swimming at 6:00 am. Next, the crafts center and the CIT (Counselor In Training) house. In here, you make crappy gimp bracelets that no one knows how to make and draw pictures. Then let's go to Frontier, my unit. Where you need a buddy to walk three steps. And let's not forget the archery range, where people shoot arrows at counselor's heads! And make a friend at the mess hall! I made friends with an almost-CIT teenage girl named Catt (Cathrine) and two ten-year-olds Shelly and Bluebell. Petunia was my best friend. Whoops, I'm sorry! I call my friend Sydney flower names. Now, to closing campfire, where we sing songs so quietly, we can hear the mess hall 30 yards away! Now let's go to our tents and not-sleep, because one girl in my tent was crying all night. Fun! Now, before you go, use the gross latrine! It's infested with giant bugs, and it's one of those toilets that don't have water. Eww! Thankfully, I have a post on that one, and it was only the absolute worst part of camp! Well, it was really fun and I'm going back next year! Well, see ya happy campers!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 3

This is probably my last day at camp, so try again tomorrow! In the mean time, please be patient and recite "Camelhoppingbufflaloshapedballoons" a dozen times. Thanks, and have a great day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 2

Hi everyone! Still at camp today, so check back tomorrow. I hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1

Hi, this is Cassidy. I'm at camp today, so I can't give you a post right now. Check back tomorrow for another hilarious post! Bye!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp I go!

Hello everyone reading this! Tomorrow my parents are shipping me off to Girl Scout camp. Overnight, so don't expect any posts during that period. You shall all receive a full review once I get back, though. Please wish me luck for 5 reasons. #1: I can't call home from camp. #2: I don't know what kinds of girls are there and they mights be mean. (I sound like a sissy there, but mean as in "she stole my comic book!" and mean as in "She gave me a black eye sweared at me, then kicked me in the keister!" are 2 totally different means. I'm talking second party) #3: I'm going to try to get in a bit of evangelism in here, so pray that I get the chance. #4: There will be public bathrooms. But luckily, I have my handy list of tips! Scroll down. You will find a post with information on bathrooms. #5: I'm pretty sure they won't have computers, blackberry's, laptops, or any devise to blog on. The horror! Well, I shall also inform you (pastor Mike) that if you haven't posted by the time I get back, I am gonna give you some choice words, like "you" and "better" and "start posting"! So be warned, all ye PMB's! Or you will feel my choice words! Mwahaha!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Approved at last!

We're now officially approved for adoption! Whoopee! We're also getting more information about three really cute kids. There's Alex, who's 3, Bobby, who's 5, and Jade, who's 7. 2 boys, 1 girl. This may be the one! And the first one! I told my BFF's about it yesterday. We heard Monday night. Whoopee! We can all hardly believe it. S0 thank you all for praying for us and keeping us in mind with getting approved, but don't stop now. We still have to find the right kid(s). So, keep a-hoping! We're exited, and yet we have no idea what to do in the meantime. Well, we have an experience at hand. Whatever we do next, will change our lives. The next step is the biggest. This is no game. But, as they always say, "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own". That verse is right! Enjoy today. Tomorrow will be here soon. But if you think about it, tomorrow will never come. It will always be today. When tomorrow comes, we will probably call it today. And today will be yesterday. Confusing, huh? Well, you can think it though. We have a whole lot of tomorrows, and today is forever.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's raining out. It's thundering and lightning out. It's a dull, dreary, cold, stormy, wet, unpleasant, glum, gloomy day. It is a boring and gruesome day. And yet there is something to write about. It was a night like today, lightning and all, when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. On days like today, writers and painters have come up with masterpieces. Today is no ordinary day. It is a day that God has given us to get wet. You know something confuses me? When you get struck by lightning, they say you get shocked. But to keep the pool clean, my dad puts in something called shock. Cool is a word for cold, or chilled. Or it can be a word meaning awesome. There are many mysteries of this world. Like, why do I find socks in my stereo. Or why I found a CD in my underpants drawer. So many mysteries. So many misplacings. So many things to think about, on a dull, dreary, cold, stormy, wet, unpleasant, glum, gloomy day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4Th, and the 5Th

It starts on the fourth. We always go to my Uncle John's cookout on the fourth. It's at this mucky old pond. I wore my Sponge bob Square pants bathing suit. So did my cousin Hunter's cousin Jay. We were twins that day. Jay copied everything I did. From getting a grape soda, to getting a giant brownie, from making mud pies, to having Doritos, she copied. It was a pretty fun day. Then came the 5Th. My cookout! We held our semi-annual fifth of July cookout last Sunday. Most of my relatives on my dad's side of the family came. We swam, ate, made s'mores, played volleyball, and talked. Everything was fun! I scored 4 points in volleyball. 4! And I'm not even that good! I guess it was the tips randomly shouted out throughout the game from relatives that scored me points. "Don't get it!" "It's all yours!" "Jump, quick!" "To you, to you!" "Let it go!" With that many people talking at you, you so lose concentration. We required duct tape once, and one time my dad got knocked over. Ah, fun. Well, gotta go! Bye!

Friday, July 3, 2009


A prize! A prize! A prize! I won a prize! At my library, they held a raffle for a bunch of cool prizes, one of which was a UFO lamp. And I put four raffle tickets into the box reading "UFO LAMP". Guess what? I WON THE LAMP! It came today! It's shining it's light in my bedroom. I've won raffles a couple times before. Once I won a raffle at my old elementry school. My Auntie Fran and my cousin Robby were there. Robby was in charge of putting the raffle tickets into the baskets, and guess what we won? The baseball basket. With two real baseballs, A Red sox longsleeved shirt, and something else that we don't have anymore. I still have the shirt and the baseball I got. I don't remember winning any other raffles though. Maybe I did. I don't know. I've won soccer meadles, and a participation ribbon for gymnastics when I did it for 4 weeks. Didn't work out to well. Please don't ask. And if you call Webkinz adoption certificates a prize, then I've won 28 more prizes. The thing I most achieve in is eating peanut butter. Well, gotta get off the computer. Bye!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dream BIG!

When you're asleep, you often have dreams. But I dream when I'm not asleep. I love to daydream and pretend. Mostly it's about something silly, like me jumping into a giant chocolate cream pie, or jumping up and down of a huge hamburger bun like it was a trampoline. But sometimes it's more about my movies, like I plan scene's before I write them. Sometimes I watch whole movie's I've written while I'm in the car. That's when I'm bored. It's like watching TV in my head, except it's only on the Cassidy channel. So count out like Wipe out or something. It's just wacky awesomeness all day. Ha ha! I guess you can call me tube head, if I watch TV in my head. That's actually pretty funny. I've been telling my sister stories lately, too. Outside on the swings is our favorite story spot. My sister has started learning the piano, notes only. I know chords and a little notes. I can play holly jolly Christmas in notes. And a couple other carols. I've also started to learned to read music. I would barely remember any guitar, but at one point I did know a couple chords. I have an electric guitar, but I bet now it's smothered in dust. My dad got an organ. It's huge and in the downstairs of my house. Well, see ya. And dream BIG!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Books, books, books, July, books, books, books

3 days until the 4Th of July, and 4 days until my dad's 5Th of July cookout! On the fifth, my dad will have the Hamilton side of our family over for a big pool-hamburger-volleyball-holiday party! It's gonna be really fun. Well, I'm looking forward to it a lot. Mostly, lately I've been reading books. Big books, little books, thin books, fat books, kiddie books, chapter books, tall books, small books. Every kind of book! Book, book, book, BOOOOOOK!Have I mentioned I've read a lot of books? You know, try and pronounce that long BOOOOOOK and it sounds like Bouk. Is Bouk a word? I think I may look it up, in another BOOOOOK! That's fun to type. It's also fun to do this: !@#$^&*()_+ % Whoop! Well, I'm gonna go read another BOOOOOOOK! Ha ha. While I read, please enjoy the following picture of a grand piano: