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Friday, July 3, 2009


A prize! A prize! A prize! I won a prize! At my library, they held a raffle for a bunch of cool prizes, one of which was a UFO lamp. And I put four raffle tickets into the box reading "UFO LAMP". Guess what? I WON THE LAMP! It came today! It's shining it's light in my bedroom. I've won raffles a couple times before. Once I won a raffle at my old elementry school. My Auntie Fran and my cousin Robby were there. Robby was in charge of putting the raffle tickets into the baskets, and guess what we won? The baseball basket. With two real baseballs, A Red sox longsleeved shirt, and something else that we don't have anymore. I still have the shirt and the baseball I got. I don't remember winning any other raffles though. Maybe I did. I don't know. I've won soccer meadles, and a participation ribbon for gymnastics when I did it for 4 weeks. Didn't work out to well. Please don't ask. And if you call Webkinz adoption certificates a prize, then I've won 28 more prizes. The thing I most achieve in is eating peanut butter. Well, gotta get off the computer. Bye!

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