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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have returned and I am posting!

Sorry this one's a little overdue.

Welcome to camp Green Eyre! Where everyone is hilarious and make you laugh so hard you choke on your hamburger! Let's step over to the mess hall, where Midget, the caff. lady, serves greasy food and tons of laughs. Now let's go to the waterfront, where belly flops are not allowed but they let you go swimming at 6:00 am. Next, the crafts center and the CIT (Counselor In Training) house. In here, you make crappy gimp bracelets that no one knows how to make and draw pictures. Then let's go to Frontier, my unit. Where you need a buddy to walk three steps. And let's not forget the archery range, where people shoot arrows at counselor's heads! And make a friend at the mess hall! I made friends with an almost-CIT teenage girl named Catt (Cathrine) and two ten-year-olds Shelly and Bluebell. Petunia was my best friend. Whoops, I'm sorry! I call my friend Sydney flower names. Now, to closing campfire, where we sing songs so quietly, we can hear the mess hall 30 yards away! Now let's go to our tents and not-sleep, because one girl in my tent was crying all night. Fun! Now, before you go, use the gross latrine! It's infested with giant bugs, and it's one of those toilets that don't have water. Eww! Thankfully, I have a post on that one, and it was only the absolute worst part of camp! Well, it was really fun and I'm going back next year! Well, see ya happy campers!

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