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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, I already named a post that!

Guess what? Goin' camping again. But this time it's not all girls. You see, my mom had this idea to have some people from church go camping with us. We leave tomorow. I'm gonna give you guys some posts while I'm gone, and a revew when I get back. Forwarded posts, of course. And here's the thing, Rocky can't come camping with us! Oh, my! Isn't that tradgic? Oh, that's something to debate. He would lick everyone there. And isn't it really coincidental that I just got home from camp a while ago and now we're off again? Huh, weird. Oh, and in case you fellows havent noticed, I'm a goober. Just wanted to clarify that one. Well, I hope everyone with a blog is up and posting. I can't comment if you don't post! See ya! Oh, and one more thing: I enjoy almonds. I do! How funny is that? Because I am allergic to almonds. Isn't that real sad? Yes, I think it is. Now I'm just trying to make that post longer. I actually have a ton of posts now. Now you must all know that I do enjoy blogging. Well, bye!

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