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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp I go!

Hello everyone reading this! Tomorrow my parents are shipping me off to Girl Scout camp. Overnight, so don't expect any posts during that period. You shall all receive a full review once I get back, though. Please wish me luck for 5 reasons. #1: I can't call home from camp. #2: I don't know what kinds of girls are there and they mights be mean. (I sound like a sissy there, but mean as in "she stole my comic book!" and mean as in "She gave me a black eye sweared at me, then kicked me in the keister!" are 2 totally different means. I'm talking second party) #3: I'm going to try to get in a bit of evangelism in here, so pray that I get the chance. #4: There will be public bathrooms. But luckily, I have my handy list of tips! Scroll down. You will find a post with information on bathrooms. #5: I'm pretty sure they won't have computers, blackberry's, laptops, or any devise to blog on. The horror! Well, I shall also inform you (pastor Mike) that if you haven't posted by the time I get back, I am gonna give you some choice words, like "you" and "better" and "start posting"! So be warned, all ye PMB's! Or you will feel my choice words! Mwahaha!

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