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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dream BIG!

When you're asleep, you often have dreams. But I dream when I'm not asleep. I love to daydream and pretend. Mostly it's about something silly, like me jumping into a giant chocolate cream pie, or jumping up and down of a huge hamburger bun like it was a trampoline. But sometimes it's more about my movies, like I plan scene's before I write them. Sometimes I watch whole movie's I've written while I'm in the car. That's when I'm bored. It's like watching TV in my head, except it's only on the Cassidy channel. So count out like Wipe out or something. It's just wacky awesomeness all day. Ha ha! I guess you can call me tube head, if I watch TV in my head. That's actually pretty funny. I've been telling my sister stories lately, too. Outside on the swings is our favorite story spot. My sister has started learning the piano, notes only. I know chords and a little notes. I can play holly jolly Christmas in notes. And a couple other carols. I've also started to learned to read music. I would barely remember any guitar, but at one point I did know a couple chords. I have an electric guitar, but I bet now it's smothered in dust. My dad got an organ. It's huge and in the downstairs of my house. Well, see ya. And dream BIG!

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