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Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4Th, and the 5Th

It starts on the fourth. We always go to my Uncle John's cookout on the fourth. It's at this mucky old pond. I wore my Sponge bob Square pants bathing suit. So did my cousin Hunter's cousin Jay. We were twins that day. Jay copied everything I did. From getting a grape soda, to getting a giant brownie, from making mud pies, to having Doritos, she copied. It was a pretty fun day. Then came the 5Th. My cookout! We held our semi-annual fifth of July cookout last Sunday. Most of my relatives on my dad's side of the family came. We swam, ate, made s'mores, played volleyball, and talked. Everything was fun! I scored 4 points in volleyball. 4! And I'm not even that good! I guess it was the tips randomly shouted out throughout the game from relatives that scored me points. "Don't get it!" "It's all yours!" "Jump, quick!" "To you, to you!" "Let it go!" With that many people talking at you, you so lose concentration. We required duct tape once, and one time my dad got knocked over. Ah, fun. Well, gotta go! Bye!

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