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Saturday, April 27, 2013

maybe you can get some sleep

We got report cards this week. I made straight-As for the first time in my entire life, and I feel pretty dandy about that. I mean, I've never made honors. I don't know how I'm doing it now. I jumped for joy and nearly exploded the other day. I showed the boys and rubbed it in their faces like the good friend I am.

Also, we enrolled in courses for next year at the high school, evened out our schedules, counted up credits, all that good stuff. I'm taking level 1 (which are higher) classes for English, science, and world history, tenth-grade French, standard PE and standard health, and drama. I'm pretty happy with it, and I'm a little nervous about the whole accelerated French thing, but I'm happy overall. The only sad part is that since I'm taking drama, I can't take band. So I'll just have to go another year without music, which stinks, but I'll live.

I haven't been doing much lately, except being stuck in the middle of two of my friends fighting, getting jealous that three of my friends got to see Mayday Parade and Pierce the Veil (I mean, neither of which compare to Bring me the Horizon or Owl City. If those had been involved, I would explode) in the spring fever tour nobody got me tickets to, getting cat whiskers painted on my face today, running around the sturbridge common with Hunter, and being extremely tired. I've been really tired lately. I think I need to sleep more. I think I need to listen to more music.

Hey! Great idea!

That's it from me today, guys. Peacekies.

Monday, April 22, 2013


ugh Attack Attack! is breaking up and i'm just crying for the next seven years omgomgomg i love them! stop breaking up, good bands! my chemical romance too! my goodness, guys, get it together! i love music too much!

me at lunch: omg attack attack! broke up i'm dying.
my friend almincarr: lol what if sleeping with sirens broke up?
me: i would die even more.
almincarr: lol what if exiting the fall broke up?
almincarr: lol what if bring me the horizon-

that was when the school psychiatrist had to come over and settle us down because i was probably going into a self-induced coma of horror or something because omg. stop.

this probably made no sense but i'm just upset that they broke up. i hate it when bands break up. i love music. i love bands. i mean, really...


coincidence? i think not.

Monday, April 15, 2013


And at this hour, after a day of unpacking and sitting around and arguing with a new keyboard and writing and youtubing and editing crap and interacting with a total of three humans and a kyle, although it's only nine thirty, i am exhausted. so it's time for the dick van dyke show and surfing the internet for pictures of cute boys in bands (i have recently become infatuated with bands that are, well, they're not owl city or bmth, but they're quite good). so yaay.

dick van dyke is cool.

don't judge.

today i saw this video of what high school students do, and it was completely inaccurate.


student: shwag
student: yolo
student: i didn't do my homework
student: this doesn't make sense.
student: can i go home?


me: can i sleep?
me: can i eat in here?
me: teacher how old are you?
me: i was texting my mom.
me: can we listen to our ipods?
me: oh what is this a test?
me: can i go to the band room?
me: can i go to in-school?
me: can i go to the bathroom?
me: MAY I go to the bathroom?
me: i was texting my dad.
me: just kidding teacher don't murder me and call my parents.
me: i have literally no idea.
me: is this going to be on the test?
me: oh wait is this a grade?
me:  yeah sam shut up no one wants to hear you talking.
me: what.
me: wait, go back to the last slide.
me: i can't do detention, i ride the bus.
me: is this a big part of our grade?
me: i think it's time for class to be over!

i'm not rude, i'm just kind of loud in class.

of course, when teachers tell me to shut up, i do. but my teachers just kind of think of me as white noise by now. i love my teachers because they put up with me <3 p="">

Friday, April 12, 2013

instruments are my only friends

just kidding, but close. all my friends are obnoxious boys who get in trouble too much.

we got our list of electives back for ninth grade. i, of course, put drama as my first choice, then band, an then maybe art or something idk. i just want to get into drama.

i really don't have much to say i just wanted to post on here because i haven't in so long.

i want to learn a ton of songs for piano but i don't have a printer so i don't have any sheet music :( everything is sad. just kidding, just me, because i'm confused.

i miss things being the way they were. nothing changed at tantasqua. there wasn't much drama. here, it seems like everything is so unexpected. i was sam's best friend and he was mine and ben was my fourth best friend and i told them everything and math was hard and luke was a cutie pie and i didn't do my homework and i didn't get into much trouble and the floors had icky purple carpet and i sat next to kevin and i didn't know anyone's secrets and i was everyone's friend.

but secrets come out at two in the morning.

secrets come out when you're not somebody who's going to school there.

secrets come out when i don't count.

i hate secrets.

i miss math help sessions and crying over work and fearing for class recommendations and wishing for the end of the day to come sooner and things like that. i miss music class. i miss the people i once knew.

but i can't have it back, and i know that. i don't really want it back. i just wish my final memories weren't spilled secrets spoken at two in the morning, over a can of arnold palmer and a bag of kevin's crushed doritos, under a blanket on a library floor (that sounds much weirder and sketchier than it was, trust me).

i just want music.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

his name was forgotten

i feel the need to rant about politeness.

i'm not talking about insulting people or improper table manors or using the correct fork while eating salad or whatever. i'm not talking about saying thank-you when someone hands you a hammer or saying bless you when someone sneezes or not telling someone they look fat in that skirt. i need to have a good, long rant about chivalry.

being a gentleman is honestly the most attractive thing to me. you can be really cute and have a beautiful smile and nice eyes and be really physically hot, but if you're a jerk, there's no way i'm going to be remotely interested. i once knew a kid who was probably the most "cute" guy i'll ever meet. he had the personality of a dead rodent. we're not friends. and if i'm not friends with you, good luck finding someone who will be.

when guys are honestly polite, i find it really refreshing. i find it really attractive. i will now make a list of extremely gentlemanly things that have actually been done for me in my life:

-once i was trying to open a gate when a gentleman friend of mine extended his hand with an "allow me" and opened it.
-holding any door open
-saving seats/making room for me
-offering sweatshirts
-standing so i can have a good seat
-informing me that i do not have to diet because i'm certainly not fat
-kisses on the cheek (side note: i have one friend who does this often and i really do love it)
-refraining from swearing because i really hate swearing
-making his friends stop making woman jokes while i'm around (this one was actually really sweet)
-giving me a juice box
-walking me to class
-escorting me across the street
-dressing appropriately (i can't stand the stupid baggy jeans. i really can't)
-informing me where creepy people live. okay, there's a story here. my neighbor took it upon himself to tell me all of the houses that i should never go near and also told me that if a white van pulled over, he would beat up the driver, no matter the circumstances. not really gentlemanly, but i felt very safe.

i must say, the kissing on the cheek part is actually my favorite, because i really find a good formal kiss on the cheek very polite. like french people. not romantic. for example, i had a show last night, and my friends sat in the front row of the theater and distracted me the whole time. afterwards, as an apology, my friend gave me a kiss on the cheek (albeit a chocolaty one; we were at friendlies afterwards). i find this adorable and very polite. he was immediately forgiven.

well, i've had a very tiring day because we moved again. i have to go now, but remember guys: a nice face will get you easy girls. a nice personality will get you classy girls.