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Monday, April 15, 2013


And at this hour, after a day of unpacking and sitting around and arguing with a new keyboard and writing and youtubing and editing crap and interacting with a total of three humans and a kyle, although it's only nine thirty, i am exhausted. so it's time for the dick van dyke show and surfing the internet for pictures of cute boys in bands (i have recently become infatuated with bands that are, well, they're not owl city or bmth, but they're quite good). so yaay.

dick van dyke is cool.

don't judge.

today i saw this video of what high school students do, and it was completely inaccurate.


student: shwag
student: yolo
student: i didn't do my homework
student: this doesn't make sense.
student: can i go home?


me: can i sleep?
me: can i eat in here?
me: teacher how old are you?
me: i was texting my mom.
me: can we listen to our ipods?
me: oh what is this a test?
me: can i go to the band room?
me: can i go to in-school?
me: can i go to the bathroom?
me: MAY I go to the bathroom?
me: i was texting my dad.
me: just kidding teacher don't murder me and call my parents.
me: i have literally no idea.
me: is this going to be on the test?
me: oh wait is this a grade?
me:  yeah sam shut up no one wants to hear you talking.
me: what.
me: wait, go back to the last slide.
me: i can't do detention, i ride the bus.
me: is this a big part of our grade?
me: i think it's time for class to be over!

i'm not rude, i'm just kind of loud in class.

of course, when teachers tell me to shut up, i do. but my teachers just kind of think of me as white noise by now. i love my teachers because they put up with me <3 p="">

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