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Saturday, April 6, 2013

his name was forgotten

i feel the need to rant about politeness.

i'm not talking about insulting people or improper table manors or using the correct fork while eating salad or whatever. i'm not talking about saying thank-you when someone hands you a hammer or saying bless you when someone sneezes or not telling someone they look fat in that skirt. i need to have a good, long rant about chivalry.

being a gentleman is honestly the most attractive thing to me. you can be really cute and have a beautiful smile and nice eyes and be really physically hot, but if you're a jerk, there's no way i'm going to be remotely interested. i once knew a kid who was probably the most "cute" guy i'll ever meet. he had the personality of a dead rodent. we're not friends. and if i'm not friends with you, good luck finding someone who will be.

when guys are honestly polite, i find it really refreshing. i find it really attractive. i will now make a list of extremely gentlemanly things that have actually been done for me in my life:

-once i was trying to open a gate when a gentleman friend of mine extended his hand with an "allow me" and opened it.
-holding any door open
-saving seats/making room for me
-offering sweatshirts
-standing so i can have a good seat
-informing me that i do not have to diet because i'm certainly not fat
-kisses on the cheek (side note: i have one friend who does this often and i really do love it)
-refraining from swearing because i really hate swearing
-making his friends stop making woman jokes while i'm around (this one was actually really sweet)
-giving me a juice box
-walking me to class
-escorting me across the street
-dressing appropriately (i can't stand the stupid baggy jeans. i really can't)
-informing me where creepy people live. okay, there's a story here. my neighbor took it upon himself to tell me all of the houses that i should never go near and also told me that if a white van pulled over, he would beat up the driver, no matter the circumstances. not really gentlemanly, but i felt very safe.

i must say, the kissing on the cheek part is actually my favorite, because i really find a good formal kiss on the cheek very polite. like french people. not romantic. for example, i had a show last night, and my friends sat in the front row of the theater and distracted me the whole time. afterwards, as an apology, my friend gave me a kiss on the cheek (albeit a chocolaty one; we were at friendlies afterwards). i find this adorable and very polite. he was immediately forgiven.

well, i've had a very tiring day because we moved again. i have to go now, but remember guys: a nice face will get you easy girls. a nice personality will get you classy girls.

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