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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I wish for you all to leave more comments

PLEASE! I write on this blog almost every day of my life, and what do I get from typing so much? Achy fingers and a lot of hand cramps. I really don't think anyone's reading this blog. I'm not kidding.If you read this blog I will know this, someone other than my family cares about what I have to say. And if you don't think that's important, do what you want to do. Leave this blog. Go read a different one. I don't care. It's just that I am writing all this stuff, and if no one cares, than why do I even bother. PLEASE post a comment! I gotta go.

Your's not commented often truly,


BostonBrown said...

Ummm...you may check some of your posts...I have commented. And I'm not family. Please don't stop. You amuse me.

Pastor Mike

Anonymous said...

here is a comment..keep it up!