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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Webkinz !

Hi everybody! Dad, thanks for posting a comment. I love you so much! Tonight we are going over my friend Liam's house to play the Wii. It's so much fun hanging out with your friends isn't it ?I love my friends so much! That means you to Stephie, Katie.Well , I didn't write that title for nothing, so I'll keep my word. I am a big fan of Webkinz. I have ten and I love my newest one , the turtle. His hazel brown shell is awesome along with his black eyes, fat green body, and yellow belly. Did you know if you go to the tournament arena you need your cell phone on ?Weird huh?Well, I love all my webkinz even if they were poisonous.( Which they aren't ).Have you ever heard the saying "feeling blue" ?Well, my favorite color is blue so I am truly offended. I think blue can mean more then sadness, It cam also be the color of,of, Oh, I got nothing. Well , that wraps up another blog. Bye!

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