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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 things that bother me about humans

Okay so there's nothing about this post that says that I'm perfect or that I've never done any of these, but some things just need to be said. I must complain about my own kind. I'm sorry humans, but you're about to be completely and utterly betrayed.

1: Bragging, especially untruthful bragging
Yeah, I hate it when people do that. Especially if they're not even good at it. Like when girls will be like "ohmygosh, I'm such a good dancer :3" and like they look like they're having a seizure or they're off-meds. Or just bragging in general. That's one of my least favorite traits in humans, so I really try to never do that.

2: Intoxication
One thing I have never been and never hope to be. I don't actually see the point in losing consciousness but it doesn't sound like something I ever even want to try. Drugs, drinking, any of that stuff, I can see why it's a good pain-reliever, but definitely not the best. I can think of way more fun ways to kill time than snorting cocaine or whatever.

3: Perfectionists
I have also never been one of these. People who try too hard to be perfect just make me kind of upset. Like when somebody tries the same thing a thousand times, when they did it really well the first thousand times. It just irritates me when I have someone like this as a project partner or when I'm in line after them for something. I have a friend who will literally take seventeen years to print her name properly.

4: Gentlemen who wear too-baggy pants
This one speaks for itself.

5: New-boyfriend-every-dayers
Something I don't really like about girls in my school (and every school I've been in) is that there's always those couple who legitimately have a new boyfriend all the time. I'll talk to them one day about Craig, and then when I talk to her at the same time the next day, she'll have dated Mike, Jake, and Anthony. She's now dating Brian and perfectly happy. For another hour.
This also goes for guys who dump girls like they're rotten coleslaw into the trash.

6: People who say they love a band and only know one song
This really irritates people who love music (such as myself.) If you can't even be bothered to check out any other music by them, they're not your favorite band on the face of the earth. Calm down.

7: "It's cool to be lazy/in trouble/failing school" guys
I DESPISE IT when people act like they're badboys or idiots or just don't try. This isn't impressing me, gentlemen. Intelligence is really more interesting, self-control is way hotter, and I don't even want to be friends with slackers. Work hard for your money, so you'd better treat her right.

There you have it. I have to go in a rush, but I would have added more. Maybe another time? Later <3 p="">

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