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Monday, February 4, 2013

see ya later, tanty

Valentine's Day is next week. I think my valentine is going to be "Ghost of Corporate Future" by Regina Spektor because that's the prettiest song ever. Last year, I got roses from four people. One from Max, one from Tristan, one from Taylor, and one from somebody I don't remember. But this year, Tristan moved away, Taylor is in lower classes, but I still have Max. So I guess I have music and Max this year...

Last year was so much nicer. Last year was so not complicated at all. My math teacher just thought i was a careless slacker (accurate, for most of my seventh grade year) and I didn't even know who I was. I didn't know any guys and nobody "liked me liked me" and Ben was just another boy in my math class who was Sam's friend. I had hand chimes as my music and got to sit back and didn't have to impress anybody.

And yet, this year...my math teacher is Mr. V, who thinks I'm a bipolar punk who doesn't pay attention in class (NOT accurate) and I've got a much clearer stand on the identity front. All of my friends are boys and I've been asked out and I think I've broken someone's heart (unintentionally, of course). I'm in select chorus and I'm section leader for alto which is a regular PAIN IN THE NECK a lot of times. I never have any downtime and I feel a lot more eyes on my.

I'm moving. Shocker. Goodbye, my dear school. I'll miss you, and your disgusting memories and lovely hugs you brought me. Friends I never thought I'd have, classes I never thought I'd take, people I never thought I'd meet. Special love to my "this-year" friends: Luke, Samm, Jake, Jess, Gino, Tyler, Adam, Jill, Kasey, Kevin, Tom, Julia, Shane, Miranda, Shelby, Kendra, Kate, Bryce, Mike, Ella, Blake, and so many others. But now I'm leaving. Off to another school, where I won't have to roam your halls with this image. I'm going to get a better one at my next school. <3 p="">

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