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Friday, January 11, 2013

Upcoming Rant

I feel sick. I'm so done with school that it's not even funny.

We have this thing where you can see your grades and missing assignments online for school, right? and i went on to check my social studies grade and stumbles upon my math grade.

according to my math teacher, i have three missing assignments and do nothing at help session.

i'm really SO DONE with this. the last log is:

"stayed for extra help today. Spent most of the time talking to BG."

That's Ben Garrett. He's one of my best friends and yeah we talk a lot. Shut up. But i feel so awful for getting him in trouble because his probably says "spent most of time talking to CH" and I feel terrible and if this brings our grades down it's not good. this guy is really unfair and i'm so done with this!

literally. i'm about to switch out.

sorry, it's just...i got my friend in trouble at help session and i feel SO BAD. and i don't have any missing assignments! I'm done with this. absolutely done with this class. it's a hard class and my teacher is a jerk and i can't even stay for help session! if i get below a C i am going to be one unhappy camper. i'm upset. i don't often get upset.

i'm sorry i just bored you with that. i need to go relay rant this to sam.

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Shannon ( '_' ) said...

I totally understand. Some teachers at my school drive me crazy. They're not supposed to have favorites, or be unfair. But some of them do pick kids they like, and some aren't fair. Things will get better as the year progresses, though. This is the half of the year where you get week long vacations:)