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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hey okay so I have had a lot to do lately nobody hate me for vanishing for like a month.

we went to canobie lake park, me and erin and the boys. it was amazing to say the least. it's only been a week out of school and i miss them all like crazy. cam's grounded (shocking) and sad and has been messaging me a lot because he needs a friend. at the moment, i'm really his only friend. everyone turns their back on him when he needs them. that boy needs love more than anything.

erin had a party which was really cool and we went swimming a lot and i talked to some cool people. i stayed the night and we talked until two thirty in the morning. having friends who are girls is awesome.

i spent all yesterday with ezra and it was very cool. because friendship is very cool.

tomorrow i have to go to the dentist. i hate the dentist. and then i get to go see a movie with corrina and sandra and maybe hunter and brandon but i don't know. but i still hate the dentist.

we graduated middle school. me and the boys, all of us. we're freshman. it's terrifying. we're so old but so young at the same time. i swear, they all act like they're eight anyways. i miss those kids. they're all going to baypath next year, every single one. it makes me sad. those kids are my family, in a weird sense. and i'm part of theirs. i'll just have erin, the only other girl in our little circle. we'll have to survive.

and i'm tired because i had a long day today xD have a lovely evening.

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