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Monday, June 10, 2013

when shadows follow us

i have been totally exhausted lately and i blame ezra 100% because he's the only person who texts me at night and it's not like i want to stop talking to him because we're friends and whatnot but it's just...oh insomniac friends. please sleep.

we have less than two weeks of school and i have been even more tired and class and neglected my actual work even more than usual. i'm finishing the year out with honors, but i'm still tired and will welcome summer with open arms.

summer, which will contain sleeping and concerts and time with the boys and music and hopefully festivals and more fun than school. i'd still prefer it to be winter or fall, because those are marvelous times, but summer is anxiously awaited by me and my other friends who are sick of bookwork and want to go live our lives out in the world.

i'm going to miss people, yeah. but i have stuff i want to do. it's going to be lovely. i'm in a good mood. i have to go do homework and exercise and talk to ezra and be merry. have a wonderful day.


Malakai Harianto said...

You need capital I's!

conference alerts said...

Nice post! Winters are tough as you cannot enjoy outside life but summers are usually full of fun and festivity, hanging out with friends and lot more.