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Saturday, June 8, 2013

what to say

so there's a boy now

summer is rapidly approaching and i've been busy lately, but not with anything interesting. we're graduating in ten days. semiformal was pretty lovely and cam didn't wear a tie or anything just an asking alexandria shirt and jeans and his mom flipped out on him. i went with erin as friends and it was nice. speaking of cam, he set a picture of him as my ipod wallpaper and now i have to see his derp face whenever i turn it on. i don't have the heart or the ambition to change it.

i'm not sure what to say other than that it's cloudy out and i have to be somewhere in half an hour and i'm going to miss all my friends and he can't even go to school with me and cam and ryan and seth and tyler and shaun and everybody in the world is leaving for baypath and it's just going to be me erin and almicarr. ugh oh well.

today's going to be nice though because it's aidan and kristine's dance recital and i get to go and i'm happy and sleepy and i stayed up too late last night talking to somebody.

i do have to go though, i just wanted to blog a bit because i'm sorry for abandoning this it's just i've been far too busy lately bye :)


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loved hearing from you again! it had been a while because i was so busy with my school and academics. i hope you always keep us updated like this, lots of love!

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