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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

and i'm not afraid to die


so tomorrow my exploratory (which btw is just like a do nothing class for the juvenile delinquents who don't take music) class is making cookies and it'll probably just be me and cam being horrible chefs but yelling a lot because we're such good people, really, just bad bakers.

seth has been being super annoying lately and he's been closing my locker while i'm using it.

oh thanks i wanted you to close the locker on my face well done seth bonus points to you I HATE THAT STAHP.

i wish i could really talk about stuff that's, you know, happening, but a lot of stuff that's been going on lately is either depressing or serious or other boring things. ah well. i try and keep it fresh and whatnot.

nothing about me! no worries haha i'm fine as always. it's just a rough time, you know, because we're all growing up and going to highschool and darn childhood ending.

yeah so i'm going to head out because my ukulele is screaming TUNE ME so bye guys :)


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