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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ozzy, are you even aware...

Now, I know I live where hurricane Irene hit because I was there. And there's a knocked-down tree in my yard and our power was out and our pool is flooded. But I figure lots of people will post about that. So I'm going to be cool and different and not boring.

So, anyways, most of you are on Facebook. Ah, Facebook. An interesting thing about Facebook is that you can list anybody as your family. I actually (heh) have four sisters that aren't reltated to me (Tati, Krista, Morgan, Steph) and one brother (Ozzy.)

Most of you guys have heard about these people. Tati, my camp sista, Krista, my best friend (BUT I LOVE YOU SHANNON AND JESSICA!!!!), Morgan, who I used to hate but now don't, and Steph, the youth gal who I've known since age six.

And Ozzy. You know Ozzy.

Well, Ozzy likes links. And he posts links. On Facebook. And so he's been sending these weird links forever..............................................................

But this is weirder.

So I guess he got spammed. Because there's one he's been posting to EVERYBODY (including me) and it's like "OMG can't believe she posted this on her wall embarrassing for her but funny for me LOL!" and I'm like "this is so spam."

How I knew: 1) he would not in a million years spell everything correctly. If it was really him, it would be like "omg cant beleve she posted this on her wall embarazing4 her funny 4 me lolz."

2) He sent one to his mother. His mother. Who would send their mother something on Facebook unless it's like a mother's day card or something? And so that's another reason.

3) I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever seen Ozzy say "OMG." And I have known the kid for eight years. So it can't be him.

And then, hahahahaha, he sends another one "I cant believe I am really getting my auto insurance for as little as $1.25 / day. I dont know what I dont know what I am going to do with all the extra cash I saved."

A thirteen year old boy with auto insurance. And you said "I don't know what" twice. Haha.

And he never goes on fb except for like twice a month...so I know it's not him. I bet he doesn't even know. I should...tell him. Whoop.

That's all for today. Thought like sharing this with everybody.


Anonymous said...

A tree came down in my backyard too! And our electricity went out for a day, though it wasn't too bad because at night, since everything was so dark, I got to stargaze and see a shooting star! :D


shannon said...

OMZ! He IS oblivious! Some dude hijacked my brother's gmail account this one time.