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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Okay, I'm almost never tired. And I'm totally bagging on myself, because I really didn't stay up that late last night. But, first, let me explain. Katie slept over last night, and we went to sleep at at least 1:00 am. That's not bad for me. I'm not a type of person to be tired because of staying up a little. But this morning, my brother Aidan decided to stomp and cry and scream and slam doors, so that might just have a little something to do with it. Oh, and if anyone needs to know my NEW BLOG URL, here it is! My new blog is: (da-da-da-DA!) Llamas and lipstick! The url is: www.llamaslovelips.blogspot.com . This is final post 1/5. Now everyone out there can start following before I even start posting! Won't that be fun? Oh, and if some people are complaining, "I just started following! Don't move!", don't worry, you can follow the other one too. Don't stop following this one, though. You never know what could happen. Okay, so, last night, me and Katie went for a hike in the woods behind my house, and it was all dark and there were plants all over the place, and the strange thing is, there's a river back there, so we would be stepping in the river and our jeans got soaked up to the ankles, and we ran into the swamp out there (which is how we knew we'd gone too far, because the swamp is really far away, so I had to take a detour to get back), and almost went in because Katie tripped. After we had navigated ourselves back to the Jellybean river (that's the river), we found a route home, and then we went back out and did a little yoga. I taught her how to do a little yoga. Then Corrina came out and we played a rather interesting game of hide-and-seek, in the pitch black dark. Katie just lied there on the grass, and I didn't know, and she just said, "Aw, Cass, you found me!" and it scared the heck out of me. I would have tripped on her if she hadn't said that, though, so I can only be grateful. Grateful for her scaring me out of my wits. Thanks, Katie. And when we were doing makeovers (By 'we', I mean Katie and Corrina), Katie put on some makeup that made Corrina break out, so now she's going to dance class, with an irritable rash and a breakout. Ah, gotta love my friends! Bye, peeps.


Kristen said...

Sounds like it was a fun night. Have you ever played sardines in a semi-dark building before? I'm assuming you know what the game "Sardines" is.

Mizz Ali said...

ok so we MUSNT stop following THIS ONE?