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Monday, May 3, 2010

Well, my weekend's done

I had a good weekend.

On Saturday, it was Joanie's birthday. I went to the party. This first part wasn't very interesting because the only kids there were me, Mackenzie, and Yuri. So I'll spare you the details. Then more kids came, and things got interesting. Yuri started acting like a fairy, Zach started hitting people with a baseball bat, and Sheesh arrived an hour late. Fashionably late is one thing, an hour is another. Okay, I admit, Yuri made me spit take (twice) and Danielle scared the heck out of me. I had a rocky Saturday.

Sunday was a cookout at Sheesha's. Most of the time (guess what!) I was with Sheesh and Zach. Didn't see that coming, did you? Well, the first part was me chasing Zach. He took this cake. I had to chase him into the garage, outside, back in, onto the patio, off the patio, upstairs, in Sheesh's room, downstairs, into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, and upstairs in the hall, where I finally took it away. Fun fun. The next part was just games, kickball, ladder ball, wrestling, bounce house. The highlight of my entire day was Zach setting off his own car alarm. He wanted some candy in there. Explain that to Allstar, Zach. "Um, I wanted my Gobstoppers, so, I, uh, broke into my mom's Ford." That's gonne be kind of funny. The last part was with this Irish kid, who's name escapes me. He asked me why I talk funny. I said that he sounded funny, and that it was the accent. He was six or something. I was sitting on Auntie Fafa's lawn, right next to this wall of, uh, brick-cement-whatever-it-was.

And that brings me to today. It's Monday. Aidan painted his fingernails today. That was funny. The preschool teacher laughed. I laughed. Corrina laughed. Mom laughed. Dad laughed. Casey laughed. I'm almost sure that tomorrow, Kristine will laugh. Dad took a picture. They're blue. And I wish I could post the picture. I will, someday. Promise. Oh, my dad did upload my camera to the computer. Here, I'll post a few pictures of my feet up. Be ready, because I might post one as my picture on my profile! Lol.

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