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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rock on

Okay, so now I've got Corrina rocking to all of my very old and awesome music. I leave my MP3 playing while she's getting ready, and so I make her listen to all the great rock stuff (Rush, dcTalk, the Beatles, Monkeys, Coldplay, too many more to name) and so now she can sing three Beatles songs! 1: Drive my car, 2: Hello Goodbye, and 3: The continuing story of Bungalow Bill. Those are really random songs, I know. She's also doing well with Rocky Raccoon. And she knew all the Monkey's songs. My dad played those for us when we were little. And Sgt. Pepper's. Got that on my mp3. Love Sgt. Pepper's. My dad played it once, after some one's birthday party, and Benefit of Mr. Kite was on, and that song freaked me out. Now I like it. (If you want to know what any of these crazy songs are, pop on Itunes) Well, I love R&R, but I also like dance, and religious, and Instrumentals. Who doesn't love the new version of carol of the bells? It's got electric guitar! (Album: Christmas in some desert which I forgot the name to) That's not the actual album name. But, hey, please, look that up. Tell me what comes up. (If it's disturbing, please, don't send me any gross links.)

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