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Friday, April 30, 2010

A few more

Okay, I'm gonna finish up on the rest of my favorite things. Yesterday, I named 4. Now, here come the other 6:

5: Playing with other people's cell phones. I know, I always have to ask permission, but the youth don't mind. Much.

6: Geeking it up with my downloads. I love downloading stuff. I get all this crazy stuff off Homestar Runner, and it's all sitting on my mp3. Love adding files and pictures, too. Like, off my camera. I love my camera.

7: Playing outside. It's totally awesome, just heading outside and swinging on my rope swing, climbing my apple tree, swimming, kicking a soccer ball with Aidan and Casey, Frisbee, basketball with my dad, of hanging upside-down on my brother's swing set. Ah, fun.

8: Okay, I've clarified my thing with the youth, but it's still fun. Who doesn't love annoying them with yoga? Yeah, the youth have a serious problem with my yoga. They insist on calling it "Hippie-dippie gymnastics". And they insist I go away from them. And I insist to go get something to eat.

(Five minutes later)

9: Hanging out with my friends. Gotta love Shannon, Katie, Jessica, and Greg. Who's Greg? You're gonna laugh. Oh, okay. I'll tell you. My imaginary friend. I don't have a lot of friends, so I had to make up Greg Mocksman. (Yeah, I told you you'd laugh)

10: Just hugging Kristine. She's so little! And cute! She's my little snuggle buddy. Whenever I go and see her, at her house, we watch TV and she'll sit on my lap and just be cute. That is defiantly on my list of fun things.

Okay, that's my top ten list of things I love to do. Remember, cheese tastes good! And you should eat some every day! Bye!

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BostonBrown said...

Some more things I enjoy. Minus the hippie-dippie gymnastics.