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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today is the last

Today is the last day of vacation. The very last. Tomorrow, we do school. That's slightly depressing.

However, today wasn't. Today, at church, we played hot potato with a green bouncy ball. It came down to me and Sheesh twice. We just hit it at random. Once, I kicked it halfway across the room. That was funny. And, after that, Corrina gave Ozzy a header! It was awesome! It took a while for us to calm down after that. Afterwards, there was cake and COFFEE because it was Joanie's birthday. I couldn't have any. So I sat. Under the table. With Casey. And Sheesh. And, I don't really know how he got there or why, but, Zach. And, uh, Morgan. I told Casey to get Morgan, this teenage girl at my church, to see who he came back with. He actually came back with Morgan. I had to explain to Morgan why she'd been brought here. Zach and Sheesh thought it was hilarious, though. And today I plan on a: playing my Wii, b: going on http://www.homestarrunner.com/, and c: eating leftover cake from Corrina's party. Yeah, the party turned out okay. I mean, apart from a few minor faults. The first was that Jessica got sick in the middle of the night and had to go home. Boo. And then Sheesh got sick. And the next day was okay. Me and Shannon pretty much all morning played Jessica's T-rated games that she left behind. She picked them up. They were awesome! They were only rated T because of "violence" and "mild crude humor" and stuff like that. Those are so annoying. It's like, your parents just see the front of the cover! They don't even notice that it's barely above rated E! So, other then playing Smash brothers Melee and having the world's most awesome/crude game of truth-or-dare, we didn't do much. I whooped Shannon's butt at Melee. Pshaw! So, anyways...Today I hope to get more downloads. I've been downloading off Homestar all this crazy stuff, and I want more crazy stuff! I now know how to unzip files. Zip files don't copy to mp3 players. Oh, yeah, Corrina got a red mp3 that's just like mine. I have to download all my stuff onto there, and her stuff. She's got downloads too. Oh, my geeky, geeky, GEEKY family.

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BostonBrown said...

I'm glad that you had a great weekend, but not that your vacation is over.

As for blogging, I know I've been bad with it so I'm yet again going to try to keep up with it. As for your higher quantity of followers, you're just more awesome than me I guess. What other explanation could there be? Haha