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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey, Easter bunny! Gimme my candy!

Okay, so, it's the day before Easter. Already died eggs and made sure that I have a nice shirt. How to define a good shirt, by mom's standards, is one without words, comics, or rips. By my standards, it's anything that fits that's not pink. Shirts are one of the many things I don't care a lot about. All my favorite shirts, though, have words. Words are something I am very fond of. Hence the writer title. Oh, and, speaking of shirts, got a new one. Fry guys. It's cool. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys. Me and my dad tried to hook the wii up, but something keeps going wrong. I hope we can figure it out. Well, that's it. Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong w/the Wii?