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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BFs and BFs

In the title, you may see I wrote BFs twice. It's not a mistake, I wrote it twice on purpose. The two BFs both, yes, have the same initials, but they stand for different things. BFs number one stands for Best Friends (as most teenage girls prefer to name their friends as, along with numerous others, such as biffles, besties, and bees). BFs number two stands for Blogging Friends. As most of you know, my best friends are Shannon, Katie, and Jessica. They're the people I call and talk to and have over my house for sleep-outs and b-day parties and video-game-athons. They're awesome. But, apart from them (and my ever-awesome God) I don't have many friends. So that's where the other BF comes in! My blogging friends (of course, it's Internet explorer. I don't know the names or anything) are funny, send me comments, and talk to me. Like this techie guy. He's cool. And there are, like, three home schooled sixth-grade girls from UK. And another home schooled girl from US. And then there's the ninja knitter, and Corrina, and Pastor Mike's a little out of it, but he still kind-of keeps up. So, my friendship level is a little down. However, I always have virtual pals!


Kristen said...

heyy!!! you forgot ME!!! well....you dont know me that well. just kidding ;P are you obsessed with your Wii?? >D

Cassidy said...

Well, you're on my blog, aren't you? I'd consider you my friend. Of course, I woulden't invite you to a slumber party or anything. You live, like, across the border! I don't think that I'd even recconize you if you came!

Chelsea said...

We have pounds over here :o)

And £14 really isn't that expensive for shoes from the UK :| The average price is around £30 lol.

Cassidy said...

Woah! I guess pounds aren't equivelant to dollars!