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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Okay, we all know what I love to do most. Okay, we don't ALL know what I love to do most. But, for those of you who don't, it's pray. I love talking to God! However, although praying is really awesome, I can't do it all day. I have other things to do. Even though whenever I can (at night, in the bathroom, like taking showers or baths, outside, etc.) I love to pray, here are some of my other favorite things to do.
1: As most of your should know by now, I love to write. It lets me express my dramatic and somewhat insane imagination. I love writing books. Fiction, horror (not too scary, though!lol), action, comics, and, new!, stories about kids in foster homes. I'm also writing about these kids who're living at the end of the world. These books are what I write on when I'm bored.
2: Video games! I love my Wii (yes, you may call me obsessed in comments, I do not take it an insult) and all the games and stuff I download to it. (Yes, again, call me a geek, ditto) Who doesn't love car racing with actual wheels without having to be in the road? (Or pretty much anything with violence, racing, people throwing things, or monkeys)
3: Singing. This may seem odd, coming from me, but, actually, I think it's nice to sing. Of course, I'm way off key and never do it in front of people, but it's nice just to sing some old Beatles stuff to myself sometimes.
4: Okay, this one is gonna knock everyone off, be prepared...EATING KIWI!

So that's just four of my ten faves. (Next three, next time) Bye bye!


BostonBrown said...

I also love prayer, writing, video games and eating kiwi's. I too love prayer the most of those. Never forget the importance of prayer in your life. You're a good kid.

Cassidy said...

Thank you! I don't ever remember gettign called that in my life!