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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, it's Tuesday. Yippee. Well, it's still vacation, and I'm all decked out in awesome stuff that I got yesterday. No Kristine today. It's vacation, so everyone has to watch their kids. However, we still have to do the boy's visit later, so that's not the best. Actually, it's far from the best. It's pretty dang UN-best, if you ask me. Today. I got a new video game. Sonic and Mario Olympic Games. It's AWESOME! Wicked awesome! I'm good at gymnastics and fencing. The thing is; in actual life, I'm terrible at gymnastics. But that's my best event. I play as Shadow. He's the coolest-looking one. Which is what I look for. I don't want no Amy or something like that. She's a little cheese ball. However, she's good in swimming, so she's on my team. My team: Tails, Mario, Peach (Irk, but she's good), and Amy. They do pretty well. Got me a gold. Corrina wanted to know if Daisy is speed type. (She is) I don't like Daisy. She doesn't really do well in fencing. She's pretty bad at power and stamina. (the things you need for fencing) Well, that seems like it. Oh, and I'm wearing a blue shirt. NEVER forget that! (Quote: I am wearing a blue shirt) Let that be a lesson to you all! BLUE. It's blue. Remember that, now. Adios.

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