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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grapple Snapple

Snapple is a juice. It kind-of combines flavors together to be something better. Take Grapple. That's GRape and APPLE. Grapple Snapple. But, it's somewhat a bit against the way juice should be made. I mean, grape juice should taste like grapes. It shouldn't taste like an awkward mixture of apples and grapes. One or the other. It's like blurgeen. Blurgeen is BLue, pURple, and GrEEN. Mix it up, and it's blurgeen. Some people consider blurgeen an actual color. I don't. It's a lot of colors! If you call grapple Snapple grape juice, it's not grape juice. It's grape and apple. It's both. Like, if you call blurgeen green. Yes, it is, but it's also purple and blue. Colors and juice are pretty complicated. It would take a while to fully understand the way that Snapple takes fruit juice then adds six tablespoons of sugar. It's healthy! It's fruit! It's also about three-hundred calories! Woo-ho! Well, you can't be perfect. Just because it's a concoction of pure sugar and juice doesn't mean it's healthy. It's Snapple. It's juice. It's gonna be empty calories. We should adjust to that. However, I think they're modifying fruit to make it worse for us. Pears seem to be tasting sweeter, HM. Something to think about.

(haha.....this post is in blurgeen!)

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Kristen said...

hahahaha!!! I love it!!