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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh 200 posts, you people have achieved greatness

Well, last post was 199. For those math-impaired, that would make this post 200. Who's with me, today? Do we have a few, maybe five people who're gonna comment? Well, let's take those five people. Someone new, two followers, one person who just wants to read it, and one person like Kristin who's not technically following. Examples. One of those people is thinking, "This blog reeks" and one person is thinking, "It's okay". I really hope that those last three people are thinking, "Wow, this is cool!". I hope I'm not a total loser. That would stink. So, yup, we've reached the big 2-0-0. I feel the same as posting 199, except that now I actually have another whole decade! No, century-worth of blogging! Are you guys waiting for something to happen? Someone to sing? Some crazy picture? All I got is a picture of some candy from Easter. Here, enjoy.


Kristen said...

Hahaha wow....wait, were you talking about me (kristen) in this blog???

Crystal (Cray) Moore said...

hey. i'm new to this whole blogging thing and i just stumbled across your blog. i really like it! i am now following.

you should check out my blog!

p.s. happy 200!

Cassidy said...

Yes, Kristen, I was talking about you. Sorry if I spelled it wrong of soemthing. lol!

Anonymous said...

just a suggestion. Your blog is very hard to read with colored text. I know the colors make you "you" but it is hard to read. Just a suggestion.

Cassidy said...

Anonymous! You came back!

And the colors sometimes make it harder. These particular ones, however, make it harder. It's because of the purple backround. If I wrote in black, it would be hard to read. Thanks for the imput, though!