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Friday, April 16, 2010

Glum, sock-foot, spring days

Around here, spring isn't always the same. We have two types of weather during spring: beautiful and hot or cold and gloomy. Today it's type B. The weather is completely dull and sunless. It's not raining, yet it's not sunny, snowing, hailing, or much else. It's just clouds, endlessly covering the sky. There isn't even any gaps, it's just empty clouds, still, boring, not a lot to look at. It's chilly, too, so I have to wear my yellow Cape Cod sweatshirt just to go outside. I never wear sweaters. Except in spring. When it'll be either freezing or blazing. So, weather is the main topic. And my feet. Most of the time, I go barefoot. Except in spring, again. I wear socks to go outside. Mom sometimes questions the socks with grass stains. Well, since the ground's kind of wet and soggy, my feet are cold. They are cold now. Cold footses. Feets. Feeties. Footie-os. Toesy-os. Toasty toesies. Trust me, I got loads of 'em.

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Kristen said...

hahaha i don't like overcast days either :)