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Monday, April 12, 2010

Have you seem my.....mouthwash lately?

As of the random title (shown above) you may have guessed that we are talking about mouthwash. We are not. We are talking about a common problem striking our generation at late. The fatal siege of wrath taking over the entire system of children ages 6-to-18. This common but hazardous problem I speak of? School lunches.

They're greasy, they're unhealthy, they're expensive, they're bland. They're slimy, they're spitty, they come from a microwave, and they're infilling. I've done research on this, believe me. I've asked three children (Kaylyn, age seven, Felicia, age nine, and Zach [Ozzy Zach], age twelve [happy birthday, Ozzy! Phew!] [that was confetti sounds]) Kaylyn says that school lunches are "yucky". Felicia told me this crucial bit of information: "School lunches are gross. They taste like old garbage". Ozzy Zach told me "they're gross" and I didn't ask many other people. Some people just ask me a million questions (hint:Zach) or whine at me (hint:still Zach) or sing at me (sometimes Ozzy, but he didn't do that this particular time) or talk at me in an annoying Italian accent (hint: Yuri) and, okay, you get the point. So, yeah, school lunches are wrong. Go, Jamie Oliver! (he's the guy from food revaluation)


Chelsea said...

'ello :o) I have just found your blog, and I am stalking/following (er, I mean "seeking updates") it. I am a 14 year old home educated girl from England.

If you would like to visit my blog, you can see it here:


Thanks :)
Chelsea x

Jesson said...

No haven't seen before your mouth wash,,... hehehe wooohhh,... vacation had gone,... back to work....