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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter morning here in the woods. It's beautiful and sunny out, and I'm dressed up. A nice, pretty purple shirt (it's actually not that bad, for a dress shirt), good jeans (no frays, rips, or paint), and my hair has been brushed and washed. Ate a lot of candy this morning. GOOD! Well, thank you Jesus for rising from the dead! That was the best thing I got this Easter, forgiveness. Well, speaking of gifts, I got a cool guitar t-shirt, a new devotional book (thank you, Easter bunny, I needed one), another book I haven't really checked out yet, fruit-scented bubbles, and, like I said, candy! So, this is the first Easter with Aidan and Casey. They both found eggs (Aidan found more then me, just because I couldn't leave the kitchen and Aidan found some in there. Corrina got, like, fifteen eggs. I guess being born older means that the bunny thing is pretty much over and you stick with a t-shirt and candy) and had a lot of fun. They ate candy before breakfast (one per child, except for me, who had about three before and one after) and now they're dressed up for church service today. Well, I hope everyone has a really happy Easter. I hope you're getting the real message, too. Well, I've got to go. Bye.

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Jesson said...

Sounds fun on easter,...