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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've returned with A LOT OF NUMBERED THINGS!

Okay, well, here we go!

I went on vacation to NEW HAMPSHIRE! It was really fun! The hotel we stayed at was nice, with an indoor pool and a breakfast. Thing. Breakfast-related thing.

Thing ten: Climbed in caves in a cool, uh, cave climbing place.
Thing eleven: First vacation with the boys!
Thing twelve: Went to Six Gun City, a really corny and lame amusement park that was SO much fun! It was really cool, despite the corniness.
Thing thirteen: Played laser tag. Corrina was on my team and dad and this little boy was on the other team. Corrina kept shooting me, so we lost.
Thing fourteen: Used a hotel exercises room. I never use those things!

Like you may note from the number things, I had a ton of fun! The boys did too! They slept on the floor of the hotel room in sleeping bags, and Casey was convinced we were going to live in the hotel. We spent the whole time saying no, we're going to go back home in a few days.

Well, today there was a cookout at Mary and Dennis's. Man, they always have the cookouts! I guess it's because they live on a lake. I swam across the lake a few times. Well, I'm all out of time, numbers, and salad! BYE!

Yours true-lalalalalaluly,


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