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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Six flags two!!!!/thing nine: Went to six flags without being accompanied by adult I'm related to

WOO-HOO!!!!!! Yesterday, me, Corrina, and new friend Lily (and her cousin Jessica, who used to be in my girl scout troop. I'm not best friends with her) went to SIX FLAGS yesterday! It was SOOOO much fun! The first thing we did was this ride called Houdini's great escape, which was actually pretty lame. They just turned you sideways a few times and then turned you right side-up again. BOR-RING!

Then we rode the bumper cars. Hahaha, those were fun! Even Lily's mom rode those, and those were the only ride she went on all day! We bumped each other, after everyone getting confused on which way goes which. They were awesome!

The next ride we rode was called Tomahawk. It was one of those things where you go side-to-side and then spin in circles. Jess thought it was scary and terrible. I thought it was actually pretty good. Jess kept on saying she was so scared and hated every ride we went on. Later, that night, she said she loved them. That's so weird!

Next, me, Jess, and Lily waited in line for a long time for a ride called the Pandimonium, which was so AWESOME! It was a roller coaster on green tracks. You were in this cart, and it spun on the tracks while it spun you down. It was pure awesomeness, because it wasn't even scary, it was just fast!

After that, we stopped for chicken fingers and curly fries at a little place for lunch. After that, we rode the swings, and the teacups, and some little rides like that. We tried for Batman (which I really wanted to go on!) but the line was SO long, we didn't even think it was worth it!

Next, we went on this ride, the Kontiki. You rode in these cars and went around in a circle, and it doesn't look like it's going very fast. It looks lame from the outside. But, actually, it goes REALLY fast and it whips your head four inches from the ground, then ride side up! It was so fun, it had all four of us dizzy at the end! Best ride that day!

Then we rode this ride called the Buzzsaw. It flipped you back and forth on this platform, and the safety bars shoved into your stomach. It was fun, but it really hurts your stomach. As on every ride, Jess was freaked out, then loved it.

After the Buzzsaw, we rode the Tomahawk again. I pretty much fell asleep on the actual ride! It was so weird. Then we went on some errands, then went back home. We played on Lily's trampoline, then went to this kid's thing at Lily's church. Then we went back to Lily's house and waited for mom to come.

Mom (and the boys) came and we went home, totally exhausted. Now, today, is our day of rest. Except I'm babysitting Casey. Tomorrow, we go to some concert thing, then dad's work cookout, then Sunday (which is always exciting!) and then WE GO WITH SHEESH AND KAYLYN ON THEIR VACATION! I'll tell you about it later.

Yours true-and-it's-lunchtimely,


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