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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another crazy list (get ready!)

Okay, today I'm making a list. Yay lists! It's about the top ten things a person can do! The thing is, it's not what I can do, it's about what ANYONE can do!

1: Skydive. Seriously PURE AWESOMENESS! 9 out of 10 for the fact that you could die. No worries, though. If only my mom would let me...

2: You can't DO better then live in Disney World! If anyone here DOES live in Disney World, you're so lucky you can come live here and I can go live in Disney World! How does that sound? To me it sounds pretty darn great!

3: Own a drill. I wish I did. I think my dad has one hidden behind his workbench in the garage...

4: Become a professional foot photographer. Now THAT guy has a) a great job, b) some serious problems and c) no girlfriend.

5: Star in a comedy series on TV. Now not only does that pay enough, it's making people laugh intentionally! Usually, when people laugh at me, it's because I did something insane or weird, or just because I'm Cassidy. These things happen.

6: Invent the blender. Whoever did HAD to be the greatest person ever. I mean, it blends things! It was a sure miracle! Hooray!

7: Be Tim Burton. Well, okay, only one person can really be Tim Burton, just like only one person can be you or me. Well, is anyone out there a Tim Burton? Please, if you are, I love your movies. I like Coraline, Alice in Wonderland, and Beetlejuice. And the other ones.

8: Own a trampoline that's as wide as a football field. Now that's what I call one large accomplishment! Also, you could have all of the football team bouncing on it at once, along with your whole family and the fish, Pete! Wow. That's a big trampoline.

9: Get an Oscar without doing any acting at all. Just go up on stage and take one! You'd be famous for the least amount of work done for an award! Okay, I know, bad idea, but, hey! At least you'll be on TV! On Cops, that is.

10: Adopt a fluffy little bunny. THEY'RE SO CUTE YOU COULD SQUEEZE ONE! Well, don't squeeze so hard they die. Now that could hurt a bunny!

Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed my list. Now would be the time to comment.


Mizz Ali said...

coraline! mwahahaha i watched that ages ago! itz KINDA creepy!

cooool list!!!

Tiffany said...

Nice list :)

Ironic! I'm bunnysitting my friend Serena's bunny right now ♥ I'll try not to squeeze him too hard!