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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Lqtm, you might wonder what's up with the title. Well, today was my Uncle Dave's fiftieth birthday! HAPPY 50 UNCLE DAVE! The party, though, was at my Uncle Chuck's house. So me and my cousins Katie, Cj and Cory (along with Corrina, Aidan, and Casey) were playing the Wii, watching TV, just having fun.

Casey just wanted to talk to Cory.

It was really weird, whenever Casey had a question, he'd ask Cory. Or, Casy-itised version, "Cowy." Not like cow-ee, coh-wee. "Cowy, wheyuh aw the nakkins?" "Cowy, wheyuh do I put the Wii wemote?" "Cowy, wheyuh aw the fowuks?" "Cowy, wheyuh aw the mobies?"

Cory said the same thing every time. "I don't know, Casey, I don't live here. This isn't my house. This is Katie and Cj's house. Ask them."

I'm just kind of glad Casey's stopped going around calling everyone Uncle Chuck. Let's see, Uncle Dave, Cj, Cory, Mike (Aunt Terry's boyfriend), and Uncle Chuck himself are ALL Uncle Chuck. I didn't know Uncle Chuck was such a common name!

Well, toodle-oo! Yours true-and-toodle-oodly,


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Kristen said...

hahaha--that's so cute!! how old is "Cowy?" and what does "lqtm" mean???