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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Funfact day

Here are some fun facts that are totally random that you can all now know!

Fun fact one: Did you people know that when you talk underwater, your voice sounds REALLY squeaky? Me and Jessica tried it out, it works! Just sing Lady Gaga underwater, and you're sure to sing the Alvin and the Chipmunks version of Poker Face.

Fun fact two: I've got David Archuleta's album. And I listened to it quite frequently, until my pm3 player broke, that is. I'm still pretty sad he didn't win American idol last year.

Fun fact three: I love taking pictures of my feet. I bet you knew that. Well, it's true. My excellent camera skills include, but are not limited to, taking pictures of shoes, people, Casey, my dog, t-shirts, modeling, and TV shows. Which shows? My own. Here's a snapshot I took on the set of my very own Cassidy Bear show! *Yeah, yay, woo-hoo, alright!*

As you can see, I was filming the show while taking the picture. Cassidy Bear is wearing her disco dress, and is sitting on my doggy slippers, Hope and Larry. Are those guys not awesome? And there's my little blue camera.

Fun fact four: My diet consists of three foods: Chocolate, peanut butter, and cheese. These are the best things EVER! I say so myself. I hate all other food, except bacon, of course.

Fun fact five: Lindsey Lohan starts her 90-day jail sentence today! I know this from radio announcements, and the Verizon homepage. Well, Lindsey, enjoy those 90 days of torture. I think you deserve it. She's blond now. Anybody else think she dyed it blond?
Fun fact six: This is the end of this post.
Yours true-and-smartly,

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Loulou said...

This was such a good idea, and I agree with all of them, especially the diet one! ( I <3 CHEEZ!!!) HAHAHAHAHAHAH BYE!!!!!