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Thursday, July 15, 2010

VBS and a case of TubingItis

Last night was the VBS at our church. It actually was okay, despite the many problems that occurred that very day and night. However, in the end, everything turned out just fine. THANK YOU GOD!

The very problems started that morning. The boys were being little Wormkeshmophs. (Made up word, do not look up in dictionary) And then, here's where our case of Tubingitis comes into our story. I called Jessica.

As I said before, Jessica and her sister, Alyssa were supposed to come over for a sleepover this weekend. So I told her reminders, you know, bring your bathing suit, sleeping bag, video games, ect. So I must have mentioned something about Lyssa. Well, that roused something! Jessica wasn't aware Alyssa was even invited to the sleepover. She asked her if she wanted to come and guess what she said? "No, I'd rather go tubing at our Aunt's house."

So now Corrina doesn't have a friend for the weekend. But Jessica's still coming, so that really isn't a problem for me, but still, I'm sure Corrina still wishes that Alyssa could come over, though.

And it's supposed to rain today so I can't go to Six Flags but it's looking absolutely beautiful today! What is wrong with forecasters? Can't they see it's nice and sunny?

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